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Ey All,

You know how we’re not humble at all? Well, Jan Schwarzkamp over at Visions Magazine in Germany was kind enough to feature The Morningstar EP in his “Bloodbath” column. We wanted to show off just a bit (It’s fucking super-metal that we were featured in a column called “Bloodbath” written in German).

Blutbad Article

Aber mit der wahren Weirdness geht es jetzt erst los. Heißen wir The APACHE REVOLVER herzlich willkom- men. Dieser „Surf Black Metal“ ist nicht wirklich ernst gemeint, aber er hält dem Hipster-Black-Metaltum gekonnt den Spiegel vor. Darum macht die The Morningstar EP mächtig Spaß. Nachdem das Duo aus Wisconsin bereits völlig unmetallisch zwei Songs der Beach Boys (!) gecovert hat, gibt es auf der neuen EP nun vier eigene Songs, die im 30-Sekunden-Takt überraschen und von Blackgaze, cheesy Softrock bis zu Math-Momenten und poppigem Emo-Gesang alles mit einbeziehen.

Thanks again for everyone’s support! Being that we’re just a small rock and roll band from Wisconsin we never thought we’d be written about in actual printed word. If we’ve got any native German speaking fans out there, feel free to translate this for us…we’re um…we’re…American?

We’re still working hard on The Midwinter EP, stay tuned for updates!

Peace. Love. Metal.

– j

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  1. Simon says:

    “But the true weirdness is starting just now. Let’s welcome THE APACHE REVOLVER. This “Surf Black Metal” is not really meant seriously, but it holds up a mirror to Hipster Black Metal. This is why the MORNINGSTAR EP is so much fun. After the Duo from Wisconsin has – complete non-metal – covered two songs by the Beach Boys, this EP contains four songs originally written by the band, which manage to surprise every 30 seconds and include elements from Blackgaze, cheesy Soft-Rock, Math-like elements and Emo-vocals.”

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