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Blog » The Autonomy Lost [EP] is Now Available!

Ey bro-bros,

The Autonomy Lost [EP] (it’s three tracks this time, not of that bullshit we were trying to pull before with single-track cover EPs) is officially available for pay-what-you-want at If we run out of free downloads for the month, feel free to email or tweet @apache_revolver and we’ll hook you up.

We really had no specific reason for making this. We just both REALLY love Meshuggah, and thought, “Hey, let’s fucking rock the shit out of a Meshuggah-cover!” (collective cheers and high fives ensued). Meshuggah’s kind of a special band for Carl and I, not only because they’re the heaviest of all non-evil heavy bands, but the first song Carl and I ever played together was “New Millenium Cyanide Christ” by (…yep, you guessed it) Meshuggah. When I reminded Carl of this fact, he responded perfectly…

Carl: “oh yea”
Carl: “cops hated it”

And he’s right. Cops did “hated it”. We must’ve had the cops called on us at least three times for practicing that song at what we thought was a reasonable volume. But whatevs. Enjoy the tunes, metal bro-bros. The Midwinter EP has ALREADY far surpassed our expectations in terms of downloads.

Thanks again for all of your support!

Peace. Love. Metal.


– j

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