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Ey All,

It is with great pleasure (and a moderate hangover) that I’m here to announce that The Apache Revolver has begun writing/recording its second EP. Hooray! Tentatively titled The Midwinter EP, we hope to release it later this year. There’s currently not too many more details than that. We’ll continue positing our progress here on the blog and on Facebook; perhaps with a bit more social media presence this time because we actually have fans now, haha.

We were floored by the positive and weirdly international response we received from the release of The Morningstar EP. And to celebrate the minor achievement of reaching 100 fans on Facebook, we thought we’d thank you guys by recording a quick little Brian Wilson cover we cranked out this week. I know it’s not metal, but it’s super depressing so that’s kind of metal, haha. And don’t worry, The Midwinter EP will satisfy your hunger for good ol’ fashioned Apache Revolver-style metal.

As always, the track is available for free on Bandcamp just like The Morningstar EP. If we run out of free downloads for the month just email or tweet @apache_revolver and we’ll hook you up. Thanks again, everyone, for all the support. Truly, it’s the best!



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