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Ey All,

I realize a few days ago we announced that we’d be releasing The Midwinter [EP] on January 1st, 2015…however, we finished mastering yesterday evening and were just too fuckin’ excited to hang on to it that long. So, here it is (oddly enough, we accidentally released it on the winter solstice…the exact middle of winter, we’re too dumb to have done that on purpose).

The Midwinter [EP] is officially available for pay-what-you-want at If we run out of free downloads for the month, feel free to email or tweet @apache_revolver and, of course, we’ll hook you up.

So, yeah. We’re finished. And (totally out of character) we’re finished early. Yesterday around 1PM we started the mastering process on The Midwinter EP (which is pretty much us plugging our laptops into our car auxiliary ports and making sure the EP sounded heavy-as-fuck in our car speakers). We had plans to a brewery tour at 5PM, which we actively drove to and tried to buy tickets. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they were sold out of tickets and we were forced to continue work on the EP instead of getting super drunk.

This time the mastering process went surprisingly quickly and we’re really happy with the results (I’d expect that was due to our moderate experience from mastering The Morningstar EP…seems reasonable). So we finished, then got a burrito, THEN got super drunk and decided we needed to share The Midwinter EP right away.

Just like when The Morningstar EP was released I can barely express my gratitude for all the positive response The Midwinter EP has already received. The instant we posted the EP to bandcamp there were downloads. That shit excites the hell out of us. Thanks to everyone everywhere. You inspire us, you motivate us, you make us happy. We love you all.

Special thanks to @pafifi and @mostlyparker who tweeted: “so excited to hijack this Christmas party and throw this on tonight. Thanks apache revolver” after the release…that gave us both quite the hearty laugh.

Also, for those of you interested in physical copies of The Midwinter EP, Kai from No Sleep Till Megiddo Records offered to press compact discs for us. I’m in the process of packaging up the artwork for him, but we’ll make another post when they’re actually available. ‘Til then, Kai still has copies of The Morningstar EP available for sale.

Saturday, December 20th, 2014 The Midwinter EP was officially released. Get it for free at Bandcamp. Listen via YouTube (albeit the quality is a little distorted and compressed on YouTube). Listen via Soundcloud. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Peace. Love. Metal.


– j

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