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Blog » Part Writing for The Morningstar EP: How You Have Fallen

Wrote the drum parts for How You Have Fallen, and I think they’re metal as fuck. MEEETTAAAAALLLLL. Also important to note, I found my new favorite metal album of all time on Monday, but I’m going to keep the details out of it because first I have to force Joey to rock out to it with me on drugs. Suffice to say I’ve been listening to it like some kind of crack addict. Probably played through it 50 times by now, I only stop playing it to go to work or write Apache Revolver stuff. Phonekenstein.

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  1. It was nice to actually be able to mix toms properly…I don’t know how to write drums so rarely do I add toms…which means I never have the opportunity to mix them. Mingus Dew.

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