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Blog » Part Writing for The Morningstar EP: As Life Passes You On and Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn

As you can see from Joey’s post, we got a lot done today.  I finished the drum part for track four (and if anyone is wondering how I do that, I sit in bed with my computer on my lap) and then finished writing the chords and drums for track two (the first track written by me instead of Joey, and the third track we’re working on overall).  I’m happy with the slow funky part at the end, which is meant to evoke some grungy beach boys.  Still on the list for today is exporting logic midi to guitar pro and then cleaning up said notation so Joey can start recording it next week.  Then back to thinking of a riff for “Drink To Your Destruction” because that song needs to be metal (you know… it’s on a metal album).  We be touchin’ it with our metal hands.  Not aluminum though, that shit is weak.

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