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Blog » Recording The Midwinter EP: Day 1

Ibanez RG1XXV Guitar
What’s up?!

Yesterday was the first official day of recording for The Midwinter EP! That shit’s exciting! Carl and I basically spent the entire day working on the mix template for the project, and we’re really happy with the progress. This EP will certainly have more clarity than The Morningstar EP and be WAYYY heavier. Since, I don’t have to much else to say other than, “Hey look everyone! Look! We’ve started recording again!” I think I’ll speak a bit about my guitar choice for this EP.

On The Morningstar EP I was very focused on creating a very homogenized sound for all the guitars throughout. I didn’t want the listener to think, “Ey! The guitars sound great on track one, but like garbage on track two.” So, to avoid that I made all of the guitars sound exactly the same (…really shitty, lulz). I used only one of my guitars for EVERY sound and every track. For those interested, I used a Schecter Blackjack ATX C-8…yep, I used an 8-string guitar for everything on The Morningstar EP, even though all tracks only required a 6-stringer. Using only one guitar also gave me fewer variables to deal with in the mixing/production process. I could count on the dry guitar signals for each guitar to sound as close to identical as possible. I chose the Schecter Blackjack ATX C-8 mainly because of it’s warm-sounding, mahogany body that’s complimented nicely by it’s really aggressive Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups (fucking love those pickups).

For this EP I intend to mix it up a bit, and that “mixing it up a bit” began today with my Ibanez RG1XXV in FLUORESCENT PINK pictured above. Normally that guitar doesn’t get much use because it doesn’t have active pickups (and let’s face it, I bought the guitar because it was a fluorescent pink Ibanez RG…not because of how it sounded), but I’ve found that it’s passive Dimarzio pickups do a good job with more dynamic clean sections of the new EP and some of the high-pitched trill stuff (I think the active pickups on the first EP were a bit to harsh in some of that trill stuff).

Anyways, I’m glad we got such a positive response to the announcement of The Midwinter EP, and I can’t wait to show it to you all this mid-winter, lulz. Look forward to more blog posts chronicling the epic writing/recording process of The Apache Revolver presents THE MIDWINTER EP, by The Apache Revolver.

Peace, metal bros.

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