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Blog » Recording The Midwinter EP: Day 2


To keep with consistency I’ll be naming this post “Day 2.” But really this is the culmination of several days of work. Not FULL days of work, but a bit of work here an there. Really, the most difficult part about recording is the beginning. Once you get rolling, it’s super easy because you already know the sound you’re going for and you’ve already built a pretty decent mix template. That’s the stage blonde Carl and I are in right now. We’re simultaneously recording track 3 of The Midwinter EP while honing in on a proper mix template. I’ve been tracking guitars, while Carl’s been working on his drums.

The reason I felt it necessary to post is because we’re damn near close to finishing recording the first full track for Midwinter. I laid down the first mouth tracks last night…and DAMN is it sounding sexy (if I can say so myself). Tonight I plan to finish all of the growling mouth on the track, and hopefully post the details of The Midwinter EP’s story. I often write/change lyrics as I’m recording because I like it to be very emotive (read: careless). Songs may change meaning during recording based on the emotion (lazyiness) I’m putting into them. As the late (?), great Elvis Presley once said:

Everyday, like probably three times a day, I’d jerk my dick off so much that the prisoners would say, “Yo, Elvis! Chill the fuck out…”

But more importantly, Elvis also said:

The stuff I write isn’t poetry. The words serve the song, and not the other way around.

So, if the music is going to make me feel a certain way while I’m layin’ down some mouth, then I’m gonna express it thought a different cadence or phrasing. Anyways, that was a long-winded way of saying Carl and I are working hard, and it makes us more and more excited for the release of The Midwinter EP. We just wanted to share. Thanks again for all y’all’s support.



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