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Ey All,

Yesterday, I officially finished recording all of the mouth for “…And Beyond Her Sunlight Breaks,” which is the third track on our upcoming The Midwinter EP. This one doesn’t have too many lyrics, so it went rather quickly. However, there was a specific section of the song that I was really struggling with. When I wrote the section in the demo I didn’t really give a fuck about how my mouth sounded. So, I just did a quick scratch mouth and figured I’d get real during the final recording… Well, that’s what I tried to do. And it wasn’t FUCKING working. So, I had a few beers, got a decent buzz and decided to say, “Fuck it.” And really, that’s what The Apache Revolver has always been about…not necessarily sounding good, but just being The Apache fucking Revolver…you know, drunk? So, when the EP finally comes out, you guys can know that I’m drunk while I’m singing on this track.

Anyways, as is tradition, with the track lyrics being set I’ll post them here, then kind of explain the concept of this upcoming EP:

“…And Beyond Her Sunlight Breaks”
as performed by The Apache Revolver

“Hectic pace of life. This is an exodus.”
“While looking for sanity, I found something else.”
“The mind takes such wishful dreams and gives them dimension (of their own).”

“Please, darling won’t you be mine tonight?”
“Please, darling just take my hand, alright?”
“Please, darling I cried when you said, ‘Goodbye.'”
“Alone I sit as the sun sets and night.”

“Stars in the night sky please take me home.”
“God, please, God take me home. Please take me home, God.”

So, that’s “…And Beyond Her Sunlight Breaks.” Now, for the explanation. The Midwinter EP is split into four tracks, much like The Morningstar EP. It follows the story of a djungie on his journey from physical existence to immaterial existence. Within this journey there are four distinct stages.

The first is where the body controls the mind. Our hero works his fingers to the bone (metal) to achieve a goal set by society’s meaningless standards. His mind is a slave to the physical actions of his body. Our hero has literally begun his dying early (as Rod Serling would say) because he’s caught in the machine of life. Routine and complacently are killing our hero’s mind and body for nothing.

In track (stage) two, our hero attempts to calm the deafening scream for meaning in his life as most of us choose to…by saturating his insides with a mild poison. Poisoning the body to dull the pain and relax his mind. He yearns for his youth where his body functioned properly and freely. He chases the past at the expense of the present and his future. He needs purpose. His mind attempts to take control away from the body.

Enter track three (the one for which I just posted lyrics). Our hero evolves. After spending a lifetime chasing meaningless earthly goals with no reward the mind adapts. The human body becomes worthless. It is a temporary, earthly vehicle to carry the mind toward enlightenment. The mind realizes the worthless-ness of life as defined by society, but simultaneously realizes the inter-connectivity of all thought. Progress in one mind is progress for all minds. The collective consciousness grows with positivity. Our hero’s body dies, and the mind it taken into the collective consciousness.

Stage four (track four) brings with it peace. The body is left to rust on a microscopic piece of sand that floats through space. The thin line that separates what our hero assumed to be real with that manufactured inside of the mind is erased. Yet another human being returns to the vast nothingness that is the beginning as his body rots in the dust that is always the end.


I look forward to bringing you more updates. Peace, metal bros.

– j

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