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Blog » Recording The Midwinter EP: Day 4

Yah Bros,

So, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I think the last post was almost a month ago? I’d check, but I really don’t care. The important thing is we’ve finished laying down the mouth on another track.

Carl and I write most of our stuff very quickly. It helps our songs stay really emotive and goofy. They reflect our emotion/personality at a specific point in time. It’s not a culmination of months of work. We’re not really good at working that way, the more time you give us to finish something the longer it takes us to finish it, but without really any clear upgrade in quality. This track in particular was being pretty stubborn. Which, as you can imagine, was very frustrating for bros who like to write very quickly. We couldn’t quite figure out how to make it interesting. I liked all the parts, but the song as a whole felt flat. Fortunately, after an entire month of throwing ideas at it, something stuck. I’m really excited for everyone to hear this track when The Midwinter EP comes out mid-winter.

Anyways, as is tradition, I’ll give you the lyrics. And afterwards, I’ll explain their meaning, and their place within the story of The Midwinter EP.

“To A Darker Place I Rise”
as performed by The Apache Revolver

“With all the shattered grace of a marionette,
Breath heavy with taste that galvanized like metal…

“I am a man who’s begun my dying too early.
Perhaps across’t my mind a wish to restart again.”

“Oh, with one last chance
I’d prove, I’m more than I was.”

“I’ll shake the dust from my bones, and I will stand up straight for the first time.”
“But I’ll smile, ‘cause I will know, it’s all a dream.”
“Condemned to die.”

Ok. Thats “To A Darker Place I Rise.” If you remember from the post about “…And Beyond Her Sunlight Breaks” the EP is broken into four parts, and this is part two:

In track (stage) two, our hero attempts to calm the deafening scream for meaning in his life as most of us choose to…by saturating his insides with a mild poison. Poisoning the body to dull the pain and relax his mind. He yearns for his youth where his body functioned properly and freely. He chases the past at the expense of the present and his future. He needs purpose. His mind attempts to take control away from the body.

Yep. That’s about it. To be a little less cryptic…our hero has decided to use alcohol to calm his nerves (nice). And as he gets more drunk he realizes that nothing makes him feel better and all he’d like to do is start over. He wishes and hopes for a chance to turn everything around and to prove he’s worth more than his actions. But in the end all he can do is smile to himself because he knows he’s wasted his life and a chance to change is really just a passing dream…

Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks for all of your support. Peace. Love. Metal.

– j

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