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Blog » Recording The Midwinter EP: Day 5

Ey All,

It’s been a few weeks, so I figured an update was in order. I woke up early this morning and recorded a lot of guitar parts for what will eventually become the first track on The Midwinter EP. Carl wrote the track. It’s titled “From Deep Within The Earth” (oooOOOooo…scary…).

Nothing too important to note other than we’re totally on schedule to release the EP on New Years Eve, the most metal of holidays. That way we can get drunk as fuck for New Year’s and not worry about having to do anything else the next morning.

Instead of talking about the lyrics (because they’re not recorded or finished being written) I’ll just talk about other stuff. I recorded this track’s guitars entirely with these A Nightmare On Elm Street-branded picks that my mother bought me for my birthday way back in high school. My mother was always incredibly supportive of my guitar playing, but I’m not sure she ever knew how to express it…because, of course, she was frightened of the music I listened to. I specifically remember a moment in time when she came into my bedroom (probably to put my clothes away, ’cause I was in high school and didn’t do my own laundry…like a fucking gangster) and heard James Hetfield (of a little rock and roll band called Metalli-something?) screaming “Darkness imprisoning me, all that I see, absolute horror! I cannot live, I cannot die, trapped in myself. Body my holding cell!” She gave me this overtly concerned look and asked, “Should I be worried about you?” I chuckled and said nothing.

So, she gave me these guitar picks. I had never used them before because they were medium thickness, and I always used extra-heavies. I wanted it to feel like I was playing with like a big chunk of wood or something. However, I met Justin of After The Burial fame a few months ago at a concert and he mentioned that he used super-light picks. This got me thinking…maybe I’ve been doing this wrong my ENTIRE life. I started trying out the medium picks, and they’re not bad. Not bad at all! I find things like sweep picking are extraordinarily easier with medium picks, but things like alternate rhythm playing still seem kind of goofy. So certain aspects of my guitar playing has become noticeably smoother since making the switch to the medium picks. Plus, they have Freddy Kruger on them. And if you guys haven’t checked out the original 1984 film you should. It’s full of ultra-cheesey ’80s slasher goodness (Nightmare 2 and 3 are also decent too, lots of people criticize number two for its rather heavy-handed subplot of repressed homosexuality, but I really enjoy the movie). I didn’t really care too much for the remake, even though the actor who portrayed Freddy in it absolutely crushed! And the intro dream sequence was super bad ass.

Well, that’s that. I’m done rambling about everything but Apache Revolver music. The Midwinter EP is due out New Year’s Eve. Brace your god-damned selves.

Peace. Love. Metal.

– j

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