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Lyrics from From Deep Within The Earth

What’s up, brajs?

Finally finished up all the mouth on “From Deep Within The Earth” (track one from The Midwinter EP). We’ve had the music sorted out for quite some time now, but I was stricken with a god-damned cold, so I was barely able to record my voice. Oddly enough, being sick kind of helps with recording screams. I’m constantly out of breath, but sometimes the extra mucus creates a nice, little crackle in the top end of the mouth. Pro-tip: don’t drink cough syrup and expect to do any screaming. It does wonders for clean vocals because you’re all dried up and totally clear-headed…but yeah, it’s shitty for the screaming mouth.

Anyways, as is tradition, I’ll give you the lyrics then some explanation (actually, I might just copy and paste some of the explanation from previous posts. After all, if you’re reading our blog, you’re probably already familiar with the story of The Midwinter EP ’cause I’ve said it so many times? Maybe not, whatevs…I digress):

“From Deep Within The Earth”
as performed by The Apache Revolver

A nondescript man, guilty and sentenced to life.
“Scared to the marrow of my bones.”

“Nothing worse than this world has to offer.”
“My life is eclipsed by the movement of the Earth.”

Formless and empty, in a desperate search for survival.
“Endemic disquiet about my self-worth has twisted my spine.”

“Terror drowns my thoughts, depart from me, you cursed body…it’s not worth the cost.”

“But as the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable,
I just wait to let my body shrivel in the darkness and die.”

There you have it. The intro track for The Midwinter EP. This the first stage of The Midwinter EP. The body of our hero is controlling his mind. He’s a rather “nondescript man” with no purpose in life. His body works and works while his mind gets more and more depressed. His mind is a slave to his body. To steal again from Rod Serling, our hero’s “begun his dying early.” He contemplates killing himself (because that’s what all depressed people in metal songs do…), but he doesn’t have the courage to do it. He has nothing, he doesn’t believe in anything and despises himself. He lets his body just waste away in the darkness (so sad…and emo).

Fortunately, those of you who have been following along know the story gets better from here. This is not the end of our hero. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of The Midwinter EP! One more track to go!

Peace. Love. Metal.


– j

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