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Blog » Recording The Morningstar EP: Day 11

Well, well, well…

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re finally closing in on the completed project. I can’t help but remember me and Carl wanted to be finished by the end of April, but fuck it. The Apache Revolver is surf rock and it’ll be released just in time for beach season. The weather’s starting to warm, and I’ve started recording the final track for The Morningstar EP, “Drink To Your Destruction.”

I know I haven’t made an official post for “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn,” but I assure you that track is completed. Carl just wanted a bit of extra time to perfect the drums. So when he gets those done I’ll post the lyrics and tell the story as I usually do. One thing I will note is that I wanted to get fucked and record the guitar solo for “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn” last weekend…well, I definitely got fucked…but the weather was so nice that me and all my djungies just sat on the porch all day sippin’ and dippin’. I totally forgot to play the solo. So, unfortunately the recorded solo is sober-Joey (arguably the best guitarist, but definitely the least drunk). But, I’ll probably find another way to stamp the EP with something metal (besides the music, of course).


Carl finished writing “Drink To Your Destruction” this evening, and I can’t be more excited. He put up a MIDI demo of the track along with a mini-fugue he wrote for it and I’m super jacked to record it. I did a bit of a test mix last night with the intro guitar riff and finally settled on having it doubled with a higher octave this evening. I’m still trying to feel out the mix. It’s always difficult figuring out the mix for a song that Carl wrote. When I write I record a demo at the same time (since I have no formal music training and pretty much just mush other people’s styles together to form my own) so I basically have a mix template/idea before I sit down to record the final. With Carl’s I typically just have his tab and his MIDI demo. Don’t get me wrong, those are helpful (we actually decided to use the goofy synth through Guitar Pro 5 distortion for the intro of “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn.” It just felt right.), but I want to make sure the song I’m recording is the one that Carl heard in his head while writing. So, tonight I shipped out a demo mix of the first minute of the song to make sure I was on the right track. Turns out I was…so I’ll continue recording. Then comes the vocals…you know the drill.

Anyways, I’m rambling. Peace metal bros…the dawn of the Morningstar (EP) is upon us all…

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