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Blog » Recording The Morningstar EP: Day 12


I worked a bit on “Drink To Your Destruction” tonight. Still getting a feel for the mix, but the song is damn near close to finished. Then I’ll start up the lyric-writing process. “Morningstar, Son of the Dawn” is actually finished, but I was lazy and didn’t put together the final mix. Carl finished the drums for it, and I chose to make more progress on “Drink” instead. I figured I’d work on the stuff that needed a bit more effort while I still have the energy at the beginning of the week, lulz.

Don’t have too much more to say about that. I extended Carl’s fugue part in “Drink,” (by “extended” I mean I just repeated it a bunch more). He has a lot of really cool musical ideas in the songs he writes and I like to extend them so people notice. Sometimes they go so quickly that you can miss how awesome they actually sound. I felt the same way about the clean section of “Morningstar, Son of the Dawn.” It was really cool, but it happened too fast. But anyways, I don’t have too much metal to talk about. I do have other stuff that’s slightly more interesting…

Yesterday was basically the first real day of summer here in Milwaukee. It was sunny and 70 degrees pretty much the whole day. Which means me and a bunch of djungies basically started drinking at noon and then walked from bar-to-bar-to-bar drinking until it was 11PM at night and we realized we all had to work early this morning. Because of this beautiful weather, I wore my 1993 Dream Team Karl Malone basketball jersey. It was around dinner time when I djungie approached me at the bar with an offer to buy the jersey off of me. He offered fifty dollars. Now, I’m no thief, and frankly it’s kind of inconvenient to take your shirt off in a bar and be without one roughly a 15 minute walk away from home. So, I say to the guy, “Ey man, I’ll give you the website from which I purchased this jersey. You can buy your own, and it’ll be far cheaper that fifty bucks.” After all, my jersey was a Chinese knock-off. I think I paid like $19.50 for it. It ain’t worth no fifty bucks. But this guy tells me, “Nah man…it’s my buddy’s birthday and we need that jersey…100 bucks.” And I IMMEDIATELY took that shit off and handed it to him. He threw down two fifty dollar bills and I was a happy man. Fortunately, Aaron had an undershirt on, so he tossed me his denim shirt for me to use until we got back home.

In other news, I had no food in my house this weekend except three frozen pizzas, so you bet your ass I ate three frozen pizzas in under 36 hours…my diet consisted of literally frozen pizza and booze…and some cigarettes at Nomad, lulz.

Anyways, The Morningstar EP is making it’s steady progress. And we’re nearing it’s release…hooray. Peace, metal bros.

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