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Blog » Recording The Morningstar EP: Day 13

Ey guys,

Made some more progress on “Drink To Your Destruction.” Tonight. I actually sent over a finished demo mix of all the instruments to Carl just a short while ago. I’m awaiting his feedback, after which I’ll implement his feedback and record the vocals (I’m still writing the lyrics). I actually don’t envision “Drink” to have many lyrics. I really like all the music Carl’s written for it and I worry that the vocals might take away from it in some places. But anyways, I’ll figure it out. What I really came here today to post about was “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn.” This track is officially done. Carl’s fixed up his drum parts, and I’ve made the new mix. The new drums have a bit more variance to create some interest. I think they help the music transitions seem a bit more natural as well. So, as is tradition, here’s the lyrics, and I’ll explain them after…

“Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn”
as performed by The Apache Revolver

The Creator: “The blood, that passes through you, was once that of my own.”
The Creator: “And behold…in time thou will raise thine crown.”
The Creator: “Hate what is evil, and cling, cling to all that is good.”
The Creator: “Be truly blissful, peace and paradise await.”
The Creator: “The peace which was once only mine shall rule in all of your heart.”
The Creator: “Thou hardens thy neck and hearkens not to the word.”
The Morningstar: “I don’t know if I can be all you see.”
The Creator: “Oh, son of the morning, son of the dawn.”
The Creator: “You are the shining light in this dark place.”
The Creator: “I will give you all I have to give ’til that which you rise in all the hearts.”
The Creator: “Love all, love all, love all that you create.”

Alright. Now, if you remember what the others songs are about, you’re WAY ahead of me. I only remember vaguely. But anyways, he’s a link to the lyrics of “How You Have Fallen” and “As Life Passes You On.” I do remember though that “How You Have Fallen” is track one of The Morningstar EP. Then “As Life Passes You On” is track four. This one, “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn,” is track two. Here’s a quick recap for context:

The beginning of the EP begins after The Morningstar has already had his head so carefully removed from the rest of his body. Nobody fucks with The Creator. And if you do, you’re going to have to “harden you [mother-fucking] neck” because The Creator’s going to bring down his fiery sword upon it. When we reach track two (this one) we jump back in time before the Morningstar does anything to offend God/The Creator. This track is all about God praising the angelic (literally) Morningstar. God is proud. He’s proud of his son. I don’t think we’ve ever really established it thus far, but it’s definitely implied throughout. But here God says that his blood is the same blood that flows through the Morningstar, and the Morningstar will eventually become God. It’s during the middle clean section (maybe my favorite part of the song) which The Creator notices that Morningstar is hardening his neck (foreshadowing, mother-fuckers) and not listening to God. Morningstar reveals that he’s unsure of himself. To quote the awesome Australian metal band Chaos Divine, “[He, the Morningstar] sees how [God/The Creator] lives, so positive in his purpose and feeling.” But, the Morningstar doesn’t believe he’s able to be everything God wants him to be. Pretty tragic (lulz). But God insists that the Morningstar is the “shining light” in all of the darkness, and one day he will rise in the hearts of all others. God reminds the Morningstar to love everything and everything he creates.

That won’t last…

Track three is coming up soon in which we’ll see Morningstar be all fucking lazy and let the darkness grow inside of him. And God fucks him up in track four.

There’s not too much more to say. It’s pretty straight forward. Not too much room for character development, haha. The Morningstar’s gonna fight God because he’s unsure of himself, and God’s not gonna stand for it.

Anyways, that’s that. We’re going to keep working and hopefully post the finished EP to bandcamp this weekend. Peace.

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