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So…let me tell you a story about Guitar Center an unnamed online music store. More specifically, let me tell you about how AMAZINGLY FAST they ship shit from their online store. Seriously. I ordered a fuck ton of guitar strings (D’addarios for life…unless some other brand wants to give me free strings) from them last Thursday, and they already shipped them Friday morning.

Now here’s the problem. They still haven’t arrived. I ordered these strings specifically so I could start/finish recording all of the guitars for Track 1 by the end of this week. Now, admittedly, I purchased the economy ground shipping. So perhaps I should be fighting with the USPS…you know what?! FUCK THE USPS for holding The Apache Revolver back! But wait…it couldn’t have been the USPS’s fault? Why?! Because last Saturday I ordered a boat-load of vitamins from (seriously, folks…best prices there). Those arrived yesterday…and I paid less for shipping with them. Let me recap. I ordered guitar strings Thursday, I ordered pills (yeshhhh, pillz) on Saturday. Pills arrived Tuesday…it’s Wednesday, still no guitar strings. I firmly believe someone is trying to prevent The Morningstar EP from being completed.

BUT WE ARE RESILIENT! (FELLSILENT) So I went through my giant stack of extra guitar strings and pieced together a full set for my Schecter Blackjack ATX C-8 (eight whole strings for this EP even though none of the songs currently require more than six) out of a couple of old D’addario packs. And you know what?! They sounded great. So, I guess my battle with Guitar Cent I mean, an unnamed online store’s courier has ended.

I recorded all of the rhythm guitars for Track 1, and they sound super good (I say that with my only reference being my other guitars…and some of them are pretty shitty…so maybe my rhythm guitars only sound good…I don’t know). I’m super psyched to mix this final version ’cause it doesn’t seem they’ll be too much to do with the guitars (always the most difficult part for me) because they’re sounding so good right out of the box. Tomorrow I’ll record all of the ambient guitar stuff and the sound effects. Then the weekend’s for Brewers games and mixing…and drinking; drinking is metal…metal is drinking.

Peace. I’ll talk to ya soon. FELLSILENT.

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