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Blog » Recording The Morningstar EP: Day 3

Day 3, guys…wish I had something more important to say, but today pretty much went according to plan. (In case you were wondering, no, my guitar strings still haven’t arrived; which makes me happy I decided to Frankenstein a few old sets together yesterday and get started recording.) I finished recording all of the lead guitars for Track 1; making all the guitar recording for this track complete. I also did some preliminary mixing (which is always my favorite part…not the preliminary thing, but the “mixing” part). The Schecter C-8 sounds great in the mix and gives the entirely digital mix a seemingly natural warmth that lends the music a bit more credibility than a basement project.

After finishing the lead guitars I moved into the mystifying art of lyric writing. I had most of the cadence down for the vocals from the initial demo; so it was really just fitting meaningful words into that cadence, and I’m just about finished. Track 1 will from here on out be referred to as How You Have Fallen. The song follows our hero (or, I guess, our central character…not necessarily hero-material), The Morningstar, speaking to his creator. I’m not going to go into too much detail…just because I think I might like to post all the lyrics after the track is complete and let people make of it what they will.

Man…I’m fucking rambling. I feel like my heart’s not in this post. Everything went great in the process, so there’s nothing to complain about…and happiness is no fun to write about. That’s why we’re writing metal…fucking happiness isn’t metal. FUCK! Peace…vocals on How You Have Fallen are up next. Wish me luck.

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