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Ey All,

Today I’ve officially finished recording “How You Have Fallen.” In case you were STILL wondering, my guitar strings arrived on Saturday…just in time (sarcasm).

I’m always so exhausted after recording (mentally), so I never really feel like these blog posts contain any real, interesting material. But, hopefully, this one’s alright.

I figure with the completion of recording, I can “reveal” the lyrics to “How You Have Fallen” (as if it matters, we’re all totally aware that no one understand’s metal lyrics) and explain Carl and I’s concept for The Morningstar EP. First, the lyrics…

“How You Have Fallen”
as performed by The Apache Revolver

The Creator: “Rise, rise for your grave. Save, save your pleas now.”
The Creator: “Thou, dost thou love life?”
The Morningstar: “The voice, the voice was right. The voice.”
The Creator: “Save yourself.”
The Creator: “Why, why can’t you see how much you mean to me?”
The Creator: “Light, light shines from your face. But I must close my eyes to you now.”

So…um, yeah! That’s “How Your Have Fallen.” Before elaborating on the song I’ll explain The Morningstar EP’s concept. It goes like this: me and Carl are cool, talented guys with a fuck-ton of potential just like everyone else on Earth. Everyone’s a bad-ass, we all know this. But what it comes down to is motivation. And frankly, we’re both pretty fucking lazy. If you remember back to my first post I only started writing this blog so that people could hold us accountable for finishing this EP. Now, no only are we lazy, but we’re dumb. So what do lazy, dumb people write music about? Well, they write about themselves, of course! But, that’s a little too conceited (read: boring) to write about ourselves. So, we decided that we would use the Biblical story (neither one of us is particularly religious, but face it…the devil is metal) of the fall of Lucifer (The Morningstar) as a metaphor for how we feel. We’re both in our mid-twenties; and we both feel like all our lives we’ve been preparing for life…well, you know what? We’re done preparing. Life has already started and there’s nothing left to prepare for.

In The Morningstar EP, The Morningstar (devil, satan, Lucifer…any other cool, metal names you can think of) is a good guy. He’s an angel with a fuck-ton of potential (you starting to see where this is going?). The life he’s been given by The Creator (God, or whatever you wanna call him/her/it) is being squandered; and instead of getting up off his ass and fucking loving and enjoying life (if you’ve ever looked for meaning in life, look at it this way: life is a gift from God/creator/whatever you believe in, and it’s a dis-service to yourself/God/and the entire living entity of the Earth to not enjoy it or inhibit anyone else/anything from enjoying his/her/it’s life) he decides to fight The Creator and blame The Creator for his inability to fulfill his potential. Kind of like how we like to procrastinate and look for excuses not to work hard, but still expect everything to be handed to us. And what can The Creator do? He’s given The Morningstar nothing but unconditional love and most importantly, the ability to do whatever he’d like to do with his life. And still…The Morningstar is a little bitch.

In “How You Have Fallen” we have a conversation between The Creator and The Morningstar. When I was writing it I thought, “Hmm…what does God sound like? Well God must have a booming, fucking, bad-ass voice, right?!” So God only growls. All the growling in the recording is The Creator, all the clean singing is The Morningstar (after all, The Morningstar is an angel, so his voice should be pretty…like mine, lulz). God’s already finished his fight with The Morningstar, and The Morningstar is dead (“Rise from your grave…” is actually a bad-ass line stolen from the old Sega Genesis game Altered Beast) and God simply asks, “Dost thou love life?” The Morningstar can only respond with “The Voice (The Creator’s voice) was right this whole, fucking time.” The Creator’s given him everything…and all The Morningstar wants to do is be a dick.

So, that’s that…I’m starting to ramble, so I’m going to cut this post off. We’ll see where the story of The Morningstar and The Creator progresses in Track 2. Peace.

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