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Alright, alright, alright…

It’s 11:20PM, and I’m laying in bed writing this post. My brain is pretty much fried (in the least drug-induced way). Before I explain what was accomplished, I figured I’d better give you a bit of an update on The Morningstar EP track listing. The track that I’ve been working on a lot most recently was initially titled “Track 2”. Pretty creative right?! Well, after some discussion with Carl, we’ve decided that “Track 2” will now become the forth track on The Morningstar EP and will be titled “As Life Passes You On.” The reason it’s been moved to the end of the EP (the EP is currently scheduled to be four tracks) is because it felt like a nice bookend to the EP. It didn’t feel like a middling track, it felt like an ending.

Lyrically (and, I guess, musically) the track follows the attack The Morningstar makes upon The Creator. Of course, as most stories go, the good guy wins, and the bad guy dies. There’s a funeral sequence, and The Morningstar is put into the grave. Remember how I said it was a good bookend to the EP? Well, it also serves the purpose of making the EP cyclical…and we all know how cyclical shit is metal. At the end of “As Life Passes You On” The Morningstar is put into his grave, and at the beginning of “How You Have Fallen” The Creator calls The Morningstar to “Rise, rise from your (The Morninstar’s) grave.” Kind of like how at the very beginning of Pink Floyd’s The Wall you hear the faint words “…we came in?” and at the end of The Wall you hear, “Isn’t this where…” giving you the connection of end with beginning to forming the sentence, “Isn’t this where we came in?” That kind of shit is always metal…so we’re fucking doing it.

So, here’s the official track listing for The Morningstar EP:

1. “How Your Have Fallen”
2. “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn”
3. “Drink To Your Destruction”
4. “As Life Passes You On”

Alright. Now that that’s all out of the way. I recorded all of the bass guitars for “As Life Passes You On” tonight. The reason I say, “all” of the bass guitars, instead of simply “the” bass guitars is because Carl wrote a sick ending to the battle sequence in the track tonight that wasn’t originally intended for the track. So, I didn’t just record what was originally in the demo. I recorded all of the bass guitars from the demo and from what Carl wrote this evening.

I’m super excited to hear how Carl’s writing turns out in terms of performance and production. I’ve got some ideas that I think will make it metal while keeping in the same style as “How You Have Fallen.” We’ll see though. The night was exhausting because it was exciting. But anyways, tomorrow’s Friday. So that means I’m going to record a most (if not all) the guitars for “As Life Passes You On” then get drunk as true champions do.

Peace, brajs.

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  1. oh yeah, i also got a new guitar today, and you can bet the next EP will be recorded with it. i’m going to continue using the Schecter Blackjack ATX C-8 for this EP to keep the guitars sounding consistent. but, i got a Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 today in flat black. i know what you’re thinking…you’re probably all like, “how different can a C-1 and a C-8 sound?” and you’re probably right, the probably don’t sound much different…but i’m fucking superstitious, and i’m not changing. LEAVE ME ALONE, DAMNIT!

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