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Yah, yah, metal bros,

Today I finished “As Life Passes You On.” Took me a decent chunk of time getting Carl’s arpeggios sorted out, but they actually got easier as it gets nearer to the end of the song. They turn into pretty basic minor arpeggio shapes and shit (I have no idea how music theory works, lulz) which I’m pretty good at.

After I finished all the arpeggios, I shipped the Logic project over to Carl; he added all his metal drums…and when I say “metal” drums, I mean “METAL FUCKING DRUMS.” I really think they add a lot to the track.

While Carl was getting those drums out of the way, I continued writing lyrics.

(I feel it’s important to note that after the drums were inserted into the track, I went for a bit of a metal Cruize to do the obligatory car test. “As Life Passes You On” certainly passed the car test; however, afterwards I turned on Xehanort’s Awaken In A Different Dimension and immediately felt terrible about how easily I let “As Life Passes You On” pass the car test…)

As is tradition…I will tell y’all the lyrics, then give an explanation.

“As Life Passes You On”
as performed by The Apache Revolver

The Creator: “I mourn your wickedness. I shed my final tear.”
The Creator: “If thou must die, I shall commit with perfect grace.”
The Narrator: “Thus sayeth the Lord.”
The Morningstar: “Causa sui.
The Creator & The Morningstar: “Anima mundi.”
The Narrator: “He sheathed His fiery sword, which he hath not lightly drawn.”

Alright, so those are the lyrics to “As Life Passes You On,” the fourth track off The Morningstar EP. If you guys remember, track one was about some stuff…and this track’s about more stuff. Even though this track is fourth, it chronologically happens before track one in the story. This is the fight between The Creator and The Morningstar. The track begins with The Creator expressing his sadness with The Morningstar’s behavior (lulz and my description…it’s like a parent being angry at their child…actually that kind of fits the plot of the EP, whatever…I described it in a totally non-epic, non-metal way..let’s continue). But, The Creator/God always willing good must put a stop to The Morningstar. The Creator expresses if The Morningstar must die at God’s hand, he’s going to do it beautifully and perfectly…as only God can do. Then the Narrator pops in and says, “Thus sayeth the Lord,” just because I thought it was metal.

We then arrive at the “battle sequence” of the track. This “battle sequence” is composed of two parts. It begins with the triplet double-bass stuff and the ambient guitars. This is The Morningstar’s attack. Though heavy, it’s rather lazy and wandering…much like The Morningstar’s attitude. Then there’s a distinct change to a very classically inspired part (Carl clearly wrote this part). This is God’s attack back at The Morningstar. Remember when God said he’d do it with “perfect grace?” Well, that’s as perfect and graceful as The Apache Revolver can get, haha…so fuck off if you think it’s not like God would sound.

Of course, immediately after The Creator’s attack The Morningstar is mortally wounded and we reach the funeral/death (DEATH) sequence of the music. (It’s the clean parts with the harpsichord.) It’s here that God has nothing more to do than lower that fiery blade upon the neck of The Morningstar. (Carl and I had a discussion as to whether God beheads angels…and we decided, well, God’s a dick and beheadings are metal, so OF COURSE he beheads The Morningstar…like a fucking G.) Morningstar has some final words. First he says, “Causa sui,” which is Latin for “cause of itself.” I’ll address the fact that yes, duh, the devil speaks fluent Latin…with a super, banana metal, Wisconsin accent. Basically, The Morningstar admits that all of this nonsense is his own fault (of course…). Then both God and the Devil say together (notice the clean vocals, the devil, and the growls, God, at the same time…huh? Huh? COOL, AMIRITE!?), “Anima mundi.” Since I’m fucking dumb and lazy…I’ll let Wikipedia explain:

The world soul (Greek: ψυχή κόσμου, Latin: Anima mundi) is, according to several systems of thought, an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to our world in much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body. The idea originated with Plato and was an important component of most Neoplatonic systems.

(Fucking metal, right?!) Anyways, the devil gets his head chopped off…like a boss, and the Narrator finishes the track with “He sheathed His fiery sword, which he hath not lightly drawn.” God fucked the devil up, but he REALLY didn’t want to…so it goes.

Alright. So, now that “As Life Passes You On” is complete, Carl and I are shifting our efforts to “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn.” It is track two on the EP. It’s a slower yet equally metal track praising all the potential of The Morningstar. It praises all the potential that will eventually be wasted in track 3, “Drink To Your Destruction.”

So long for now…fuck bitches, get money. It’s Saturday night, and it’s time I drink to my destruction (ZING!) and go bowling.


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