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Blog » Recording The Morningstar EP: Day 6

Yo, yo, yo…

So, I don’t have too much to say. I just figured I’d keep up with posting all the progress, but I have almost all of the guitars recorded for “As Live Passes You On.”

It was a little disheartening, ’cause the mix didn’t fit perfectly initially. It’s going to need some work. But, I guess that’s the more fun part!?

Carl was definitely right about Xehanort. I’ve been crushing that album at least once everyday. Even “The Missing Pages” bonus track at the end is fantastic. It’s so metal when it ends with “I am God.”

I did a bit of research after listening to the album, and I found that Xehanort himself does not actually play guitar. Which kind of makes sense. I remember seeing his Guitar Pro files that he posted on Facebook and was like, “How the fuck is anyone doing a run down all the strings hitting a 10th fret to 4th fret pull-off each time?” I just assumed this kick was so much of a bad ass that six-fret pull-offs were no big deal for him. Turns out he’s using some software synthesizers for all the guitars/basses. I can’t believe that shit exists! And sounds so good! But I guess, why wouldn’t it exist? People have been using Superior Drummer forever, I guess the logical progression was just to remove guitars from the recording process.

Anyways, the software guitars are super metal and definitely will add a new element to The Apache Revolver game, much like Superior Drummer did a few years ago.

Anyways, guitars are almost done for “As Life Passes You On.” I play to finish them all by Friday, then Saturday is to be a mixing and lyric writing day! Hooray, metal! DEATTTTTTHHHHHHH.

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