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Blog » Recording The Morningstar EP: Day 9

Yah, yah…

So, this is kind of a catch-all post. I’ve been working on recording “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn,” writing lyrics and doing test mixes over the past week. Last night was really when Carl and I settled on how we want “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn” to go. So, today will most likely be some bass and guitar tracking.

Unfortunately, we missed our deadline of the end of April. But I can’t say I’m angry. We’ve both put a lot aside in the past few weeks to make an incredible amount of progress, and…really, the reason that we put the deadline on the project was because I feared we wouldn’t finish it. Now, I’m positive we’ll finished. By the end of this week (or possibly next Monday) we’ll have three of the four tracks entirely finished. I’m going to try and finish today, but I always get way too drunk Saturday’s and my voice is shot on Sundays…that’s how the world works, I’m not looking to change it.

But anyways, we really slowed down the middle clean section of “Morningstar, Son Of The Dawn.” Not sure if that means there will be some clean vocals in there too…right now, I’ve kind of got a similar vision as Carl that it should be a lot of growls, and I intend to do that first and see if clean singing fits later.

Other than that, I don’t have too much to say. I’m kind of using this post to wake myself up. It’s 6:30AM on a Saturday morning, and I just finished watching the Robocop remake. And, as everyone knows, I’m a HUGE fan of the original, but I have to admit, really enjoyed the remake. I think the remake would have received a far better reception had it not been branded with Robocop and just called itself “Armored Justice,” or some weak-ass shit. But then again, if it wasn’t branded with Robocop, I along with millions of others probably would’ve never watched.

Anyways, peace.

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